Amazon Prime Day

DID YOU KNOW?? Amazon made their own holiday known as Amazon Prime Day! Fortunately, we know what prime day means: killer deals delivered to your doorstep for Amazon Prime subscribers. However, the sale ends later today at midnight, so it is imperative to check out what Amazon deals are happening today!

I am always into exploring the latest technology gadgets, so I started to make my checkout list! For those on the go, its best to get all charging needs out of the way. If you want to see what deals I took advantage of here is the list:
Anker wireless charger ($19.99 today, normally: $21.99) –
For those that don’t already have wireless charging capabilities here is the QI Receiver –
Anker PowerCore 10000 mah battery bank ($19.99 today, normally: $29.99) –
I did notice other great deals on things I’ve bought in the past. I just had to share them here for readers to take advantage:

Bose headphones ($125 today, normally: $279.00) –
Headphone headset holder ($10 today, normally: 13.59) –
GoPro hero session ($99 today, normally: $149.00) –
This day is so popular, we got word earlier that Amazon’s online traffic flow caused a shutdown on Prime Day. But fear not, I just checked and everything is up-and-running. Now the only thing left is to hope that any item your looking for is still in stock! Here is the link to all the Amazon Prime Day deals!